September 18-19, 2015
First Baptist Spartanburg Spartanburg, SC
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Featuring life-changing content for all ages from speakers who share a vision to see America changed by Jesus Christ!

alveda king

Alveda King

Niece of MLK, Jr.

Alveda's Website

lee strobel pic

Lee Strobel

Speaker & Bestselling Author

Lee's Website

del tackett

Del Tackett

The Truth Project

Del's Website


Todd Starnes

Host of FOX News & Commentary

Todd's Website


J. Warner Wallace

Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner's Website

Elmer Towns

Elmer Towns

Professor, Author, Lecturer

Elmer's Website

Musical Guest: Charles Billingsley

Charles Billingsley is a nationally-known recording artist, worship leader, teacher, author and pastor. His most recent album, Only Jesus, encourages the listener to take their focus off of the situations around them, and to focus their heart’s attention on worshiping the only one worthy of praise, only Jesus.


Our event this year will run over 2 days.
We have many great Main Sessions planned for you as well as multiple elective, breakout sessions with some of the world's leading Apologists and Evangelists!

September 18, 2015

6:30pm  -  10:00pm
First Baptist Church Spartanburg
alveda king
will graham

Session 1

6:25-6:45 – Charles Billingsley & band 6:45-6:50 – Don Wilton- welcome / opening prayer 6:50-6:55 – Opening film 6:55-7:00 – Alex McFarland & Tony Beam 7:00-7:43 – David & Jason, the BENHAM Brothers 7:45-7:50 – Films / promos / LOGOS 7:50-7:55 – Intro of second speaker / LIFETIME AWARD 7:55-8:40 – Dr. Alveda King 8:40-8:42 […]

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September 19, 2015

7:30am  -  8:00am
First Baptist Church Spartanburg
8:00am  -  11:45am
First Baptist Church Spartanburg
Elmer Towns
mark mittleberg

Session 2

8:00-8:45 – Mark Mittelberg- Contagious Christianity 8:45-8:57 – AM Break 8:57-9:00 – Intro, “stage A speaker, Elective 1″ 9:00-9:45 – J. Warner Wallace- Cold Case Christianity 9:45-9:57 – Break 9:57-10:00 – Intro of “stage A speaker, Elective 2″ 10:00-10:45 – E.L. Towns, co-founder of Liberty University 10:45-10:55 – Break 10:55-10:57 – Intro of A stage […]

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1:00pm  -  5:30pm
First Baptist Church Spartanburg
bert harper
lee strobel pic
stephen meyer

Session 3

12:45-1:00 – Charles Billingsley & Band play 1:00-1:05 – LOVE 2020 PITCH, MARK SLAUGHTER 1:05-1:08 – Intro of A stage, Main Session 6 1:08-1:50 – Eric Stakelbeck, CBN News, Islam, Terrorism, & the Gospel 1:50-2:00 – Break 2:00-2:03 – Intro of A stage speaker, elective 3 2:03-2:45 – Stephen Meyer, PhD- Signature in the Cell […]

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A Special Word from Alex McFarland

You and I know that the TRUE hope for this world is Jesus Christ! Our struggling nation and searching world needs a fresh introduction to the message of Jesus! This generation urgently needs to learn of the new birth that comes through faith in Jesus! A church that is committed to obey Christ is sharing the Gospel could … save this nation!


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